Winning Your First Gold Medal In Investment

mirriam Macwilliams, Standard
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How to win your first gold medal in investment

While there may be no direct correlation between investment and sports, Mirriam MacWilliams, a self-made millionaire and a much admired trader, sees both as challenging ventures that bring remarkable levels of satisfaction to her adventurous spirit.

“Both scuba diving and trading in the market create a sense of challenge in me. My personality drives me to achieve the highest; I want to be good at what I do. Just as I do not do hundreds of sports, I only focus on options trading when it comes to investment,” said Mirriam.

Starting with initial capital of US$10,000, she grew it to over US$2,000,000 in less than two years in the stock market. In recent years, Mirriam has been dedicated to sharing her passion and success in the market with students all over the world.

Over the years, she has established herself as an investment guru. Today, thousands of people from the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong have attended her seminars. Are you ready to win your first gold medal in investment?

To start with, more people have larger capacity to generate wealth through the market than with any other vehicle.

“If you consider the mechanics and logistics involved, you will understand that trading in the market can start with the smallest amount of money. Starting any other business, may demand a huge sum of capital for labour cost, insurance, office leasing, equipment, and so forth,” explained Mirriam. “Once you have mastered how the market works, you can start investing more and possibly earning more.”

There is a less-known tip, however, for both seasoned traders and beginner investors. The two key components that have to be mastered by investors are direction and timing.

“After choosing a particular stock, an investor should be able to identify its potential direction and time the entry. It is all about calculation and should not be a difficult thing to do,” Mirriam revealed.

“The magic rule is that when you start making money, you eliminate one of the two mentioned components; and the one to eliminate is direction. As long as you are trading options, you do not need to have a direction. Instead, you can position yourself to make money regardless if the market goes up or down.”

It sounds easy, but still there are many experts and financial institutions out there warning that trading options is not an easy task and in truth most people fail to succeed. To this, Mirriam agrees and she shares the little secret of why it doesn’t always work.

“Lots of individuals do not know that not all options are designed to be bought with the expectation of making money as the stock goes your way. For example, if you buy a particular option and it goes in your direction, you make money. Next time, you try to do the same but you fail to make money. That can happen. This is because there are two types of option player in the market.”

“We have to identify, before we take in the trade, which options are designed to make us money when they go our way, and which are not.”

“Besides, many people do not strategically position themselves to make money as the stocks go their way. It will be very difficult for a stock to move a lot in a specific window of time.”

“In order to strategically position yourself at the right option, you have to realise that the price you pay may not have a bearing on that decision.”

Tools suggested by the investment guru

There are quite a number of good free investment tools. Mirriam suggests the stock scouter tool in if an investor is to know the strength and weakness of certain stocks.

“They give you a number; 8, 9, and 10 on the stock scouter are strong stocks; investors can give serious consideration to investing in those stocks. If below those numbers, pass on. This website is a starting place in a nutshell, delivering a lot of information about the company in terms of management and more.”

Then the VXO Index is quoted as one of the preferred volatility indices, by Mirriam. “Remember, this is only a reference tool. This is something far from being a crystal ball. In the last 20 years or so, whenever the VXO drops below 13, the market experienced a drop off the cliff. It is necessary to be patient. Investors should wait until the VXO goes into 20+% towards the end of October.

Although options have been around for a long time, there is always something new of benefit to traders.

Mirriam recalled a time when she started trading, the options had strike prices with intervals at 10 dollars, for example US$310, US$320, US$330. For anyone who knows options, this is huge. Some options expired on a weekly basis; investors can trade them for a couple of days and  use them to protect their positions. These are the new things on the horizon in the world of options.

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