What We Might Expect in 2012

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The Longer Term Picture

I went ahead and compared the comments of some expected professionals in the market (Harry Dent, Warren Buttett and Suze Orman). These respected professionals are all extremely bullish on the US economy going forward with Mr. Buffett being the most bullish of all. That’s the good news.

The not so good news is that for the economy to get back on track with consistent yearly home price appreciation, low unemployment, etc. it may take close to 10 years. Obviously remember that this is the consensus based on the current information these individuals have. In the event the economy gets better, for example, their prognostications can definitely be impacted. Maybe instead of 10 years it can be 4 or 5. So let’s take everything with a grain of salt!

The even better news is that irrespective of what professionals in the industry may expect the opportunity for the generation of wealth will always be there so let’s focus on practicing our Universal Laws of Prosperity and we will find ourselves on the right sides of trades and that is really cool!

What to Expect in the Next 3 Months?

So if we have all of these predictions why is it that the Dow is now above 13,000? Remember that while anyone can make predictions price is never wrong and does not lie and timing is everything. While I do have the expectation that the Dow can go lower this year and into the next it does not stop me from buying Call option positions and capitalizing on these moves in the interim.