What To Trade When?

We are often asked why we are not teaching one style of trading over another at our live events?

The reason is that we are always seeking to trade the market with the style of trading that is suitable for that particular environment.

For example we are not teaching how to build a retirement portfolio because you can’t take a trade until the end of October.

In addition our other styles of trading are predicated on the price of the $VXO.

For example a low Implied Volatility (IV) means we can trade our Investing method since we are directional for at least 3 weeks where the IV stays constant yet a high IV means that I will not be in the Investing style of trading and I may be able to participate in a shorter time frame style of trading such as any of the Short Term trades.

Extreme volatilities open yet another door for trading such as Fade (where we will be in the trade for 1-2 days) taking advantage of the stocks’ move back to the moving average on the hourly chart. We cannot share that now with the current market since we don’t have any candidates.

So I have created the following to give you a sense of how our members are focusing their trading energies in different VXO environments: