Update As At 29 Sep 2014

The market had a bit of a pullback over the past week. I would not be surprised to see a bit of rally for the coming week as it is the last week of September and also the end of a quarter.

Generally the end of a quarter represents what is called Window Dressing which has a bit of a bullish tendency.

The only thing that could derail a potential window dressing rally would be the anticipation of the NFP event on Friday.

We look forward to seeing the outcome of that event.

October will be a very key month as we will have an FOMC event and it is also the month where the Federal Reserve has hinted at ending its bond purchasing program.

Might higher interest rates follow?


The sustained market pullback over the past week rendered our Weekly Hedged Trade (a trading method that I teach) a success.

I missed that move since I was unable to  enter on Monday expecting to be able to enter on Tuesday.

Since I did not enter the trade I took a guess that the Monday trade would create quite a return.

For the coming week the entry is on Monday (and I will be around).

Loved this style of trading 🙂

Here’s what one of my member said, “Weekly hedge is fun and much easier than the other short term methods I learnt 2 years back.”


October is also a key Earnings month where we should have quite the candidates.

The Smart Traders October 2014 3-day training in Singapore and Malaysia will be very, very exciting as we share a simpler calculation, higher percent winning trading method.

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