Where to Invest Your Money in Times of Uncertainty?

By Mirriam MacWilliams, Professional Investor

We live in times of unprecedented economic uncertainty. Make no mistake about it – fluctuations in the currency market, stock market and economy have never been so volatile.

To be financially wealthy in times of uncertainty, you need to grow your savings and make your capital grow.

Your capital should not just be saved, it should be used to work in your benefit.

1. How and When to to Invest

To start on the path of investing, you should keep an eye on your various investment interests, make a list and monitor price, you will know when it is the best time to invest. The amount used in your various investments depends on the instruments you are investing in.

For instance, if you are investing in real estate you need to have a larger amount of capital. On the other hand, if you are investing in stocks you’ll need less capital. Of course, the more capital you have to invest the better but, always keep some cash aside.

2. Risk is Always Present

Risk is always part of investing. But I must let you in on a little secret: identifying the potential risks before it arises is crucial. Always plan for the worse case scenario so you are prepared.

That’s how professional investors minimise their investment risks and grow their capital.

If anyone tells you there is a safe, 100% loss-proof investment with high returns…it’s time to run – FAST!

But the good news is, there is a way to lower your investment risk in the stock market.

3. How to Lower Your Risk with Stock Options

The sad part is, many who invest in stocks see their investment go down and usually do nothing about it. That reaction is dangerous since you can have your savings reduced drastically.

On the other hand, owning the option to the stock, known as a stock option, forces you to take action.

If a trade goes against you, then you have to take action and control your losses. Or by its nature, options will automatically limit your losses. That’s why smart investing with stock options can reduce your investing risk.

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coins stacked

4. How about investing in Real Estate or Businesses?

Truth is, there’s nothing wrong with investing in real estate or a business. But the problem with real estate is you will need to have a significant amount of capital to start investing.

Investing in a business is not a bad idea either, but you need the skills to run a business, and that can take time and experience to develop.

That’s why I believe for the newbie investor with limited capital, the best thing to do is grow your wealth through stock market investing with stock options. Then later on, when you have more money, diversify that into real estate and businesses.

5. Long Term or Short Term Investment?

This really depends on the time you have to spend to invest in the marketplace as well as how you stand financially. Diversify your investments into 3 or 4 stocks instead of only getting into one stock.

I personally like to take a long term approach with my stocks, but I maximise my return by going in and out of the stock in the short term. This is known as trading.

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6. The Keys to Be a Successful Investor

Here’s the keys to becoming a successful investor:

– be able to start with a very low capital

– learn how to analyse stocks

– learn how to diversify your portfolio

– keep some cash

– be an informed investor

– manage your risk

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To recap: Three Key Points for Capital Preservation an Investor Should Consider

  1. Have an investment plan – Know when to exit even if there is a potential loss

  2. Follow the investment Plan – Lock in gains, with target price

  3. Never invest without a stop loss to minimise your risk

Ultimately, you need an investment blueprint and system that can turn the market odds to favour you.

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Happy Investing,

Mirriam MacWilliams

PS. I can’t stress this enough, investing without a proper blueprint and expecting to beat the pros in the market is like going to a casino. Chances are you are going to lose. Don’t put your family’s financial future at risk.

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