Train Yourself To Invest Smart

Here is a newspaper writeup that was featured in Hong Kong – The Standard.

Being a millionaire nowadays is no longer a dream. With the ample pool of investment opportunities around, you can easily grow your wealth to millions in just a short time if you can fathom some good strategies.

The good news is that you, as a  beginner, do not have to travel on a mysterious expedition in quest of a secret recipe. Investment is, according to Mirriam MacWilliams, an asset instrument that you can train yourself to be proficient in.

For those who do not yet know  about this distinguished figure, MacWilliams is a self-made millionaire trader from Florida who turned US$10K to over US$2 million during the nineties in just two years’ time. Having coached thousands of students in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia after giving up her career at its height, MacWilliams is now the Chief Trainer of Wealth Mentors.

A compelling speaker herself, MacWilliams enjoys life as a female role model for any individuals who aspire to seek financial independence. This charismatic lady openly disclosed, with her own personal experiences, why she wholeheartedly embraces the opportunities to teach others how to make money in the market at the present moment.

“I attended seminars all over the country for two years. During the course of time, I invested an enormous amount of capital, in excess of US$32,000, without getting the results as promised. I then stopped that process and took time out to reflect. I finally harnessed the skills to make money on my own,” MacWilliams frankly recalled. “Upon the mastery of this investment science, I thought it would be a good idea if other investors did not need to go though the same painful process as I did, in order to achieve the results they are seeking. Therefore, I am here today to share with all who dream to generate capital in the market.”

So, what is the secret?

“I must confess that trading has no secrets at all. If there is any secret, it would be a feasible trading plan along with certain money management principles or techniques. You have to know the right time to buy a position and the right time to exit,” said MacWilliams. “The only secret to generate enormous and unequivocal returns in the market place with a small amount of capital is that you no longer buy shares, but options and derivatives. You leverage your capital whether the stock goes up or down. The amount of money you put at risk is just fractional and minimal. I would say this is something that average retail investors do not know.”

Investment education is truly about the understanding of how the market works. When is the right time to place your trade? And when might not be the time to do so? MacWilliams advised: “Identify who you are as a person and who you are as a trader; decide the windows of time that you are going to make your investments, and work within the parameters of your investment strategy.”

Like many experts, MacWilliams robustly concurs that smart investment can be learned – “get proper training, start with small investment capital, draw the line in the sand, practice first, then decide if it’s for you or not. Remember, instead of relying on others, you have your own responsibility to earn, grow and protect your capital.”