Smart Traders Mentorship Program

I’ve got an amazing time in Asia last April showing my new members how to trade options on the US stock market.

April 2012 Singapore Smart Traders






April 2012 Malaysia Smart Traders







April 2012 Hong Kong Smart Traders

Some of you may have known that I spent over US$32,000 to get myself educated about the stock markets when I first started out. I attended seminars all over the country for two years but I was not able to get the results as promised.

I then stopped that process and took time out to reflect. I paper traded almost a year and finally harnessed the skills to make money on my own.

I thought it would be a good idea if other investors did not need to go through the same painful process as I did, in order to achieve the results they are seeking.

Hence, I started teaching and sharing with all who dream to generate capital in the market.

I will be flying back to Asia in July to mentor a new group of members.

Malaysia: 7 July – 10 July 2012 (Sat – Tue)
Hong Kong: 14 July – 17 July 2012 (Sat – Tue)
Singapore: 21 July – 24 July 2012 (Sat – Tue)

If you want to know more about my training program, you can join our free introductory seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Please register at