Smart Traders Mentorship Program – October 2012

These are my latest batch of students in Asia 🙂

Malaysia October 2012







Singapore October 2012






Hong Kong October 2012








A lot of times I get this question why do I fly from Florida to Asia to teach. Why don’t I teach in USA?

I had students in the States who are not accessible to the laptops when the market is open. Can you imagine a FEDEX delivery man or a nurse checking their trades at the job?

It’s so difficult for them to keep the momentum going and they soon lose interest.

Living in Asia definitely has its advantage.

When the USA market opens at 9.30 am ET, my students in Asia are at home at night.

They start looking for trades, do some simple calculations and if there is any good setup, they place their trades around 1o.30pm and by 11.30 pm, they can switch off the laptops and go to sleep.

There is no need to monitor the trades all night long when the market opens. They have already placed their automated stops and there’s nothing really to do.

I don’t like to micro-manage the trades.

And I always tell my students in Asia – “Sleep is good!”

I will be back in Singapore and Malaysia this month to mentor more students.

Malaysia: 19 Jan – 22 Jan 2013 (Sat – Tue)
Singapore:  26 Jan – 29 Jan 2013 (Sat – Tue)

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