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“No need to rely on charts and reading analysts’ reports etc. Phew! Less homework!” – Tan Siew Ching, Singapore
“Our great appreciation of your excellent after-sales support. I am very happy that I chose to learn options trading with Wealth Mentors. My best investment so far!Janice Tan, Singapore


“Mirriam and Aaron’s commitment to their students is exceptional – from a long life of learning, I can truly say they are tops. Every aspect of a student’s experience is carefully prepared and the support is phenomenal. I have a strong sense of belonging to a caring community, where my success matters to everyone involved in Wealth Mentors. And finally, Mirriam’s strategies are a great gift to all of us, full of integrity and her commitment to create true wealth.”- Sherry Cox, Vancouver, British Columbia


“Fantastic, I learnt so many strategies on how to make money easily from US Stock Market which I’ve never found in books & other seminars!”Herfin Prakoso, Indonesia


“This is the best training I have attended during my 15 years’ experience as Private Banker in different banks such as Merrill Lynch, HSBC and Amex. The method is simple and easy to understand. Mirriam is very helpful and sincere in teaching us how to make money through options trading.”Ingrid Wijaya, Singapore


“I used to trade in US stocks, and sometimes, with opening position of US$150k. Not knowing what or how to mitigate the risks/ exposure. Smart Traders allow me to protect my capital, diligent in choosing the right stocks to trade, more importantly when to sell with a profit. After all that’s what trading is about – make money.” – Tan Jit Pheng, Malaysia


“This is the best training in investment I have ever attended. Mirriam’s Teaching and system is marvelous and beyond my wildest dream and expectation. I have other training and seminars before. But this is the best. Thank you so much Mirriam for sharing. May god bless you with happiness, wealth, love and abundance.” – D. Yeung, Hong Kong


“I feel grateful to Marriam, Aaron, and God, that I have the opportunity to attend Smart Traders Mentorship. It is the best training I ever had because of its completeness and depth, yet its well summarized. Incredible, Terrific. May God Bless all of you in the Wealth Mentors. ” – Saleh Gunawan, Indonesia


“I have traded for several years and have done well but Mirriam’s strategies are simple and yet effective and most importantly consistent! I can now have more free time to manage other important things.”Candice Chao, Hong Kong


“I am new to all these but your presentation and teaching is crystal clear and easily understood as well as remembered. Thank you.” – Phang Wee Keong, Malaysia


“The training was very clear and concise for a very difficult subject topic, I have learnt the principles to options trading and will apply them to make and generate money in the very near future. Mirriam is a very positive person and lights up the room!” – L. Billington, Hong Kong


“The best money-making training Ive seen… I learn to trade from real successful trader who teach in very easy step-by-step instruction and rules are easy to apply, no hype and gimmick. After this training I am confident and feel that I can do trading and approach the market with a whole new perspective…” – Hendarin Riandi, Indonesia


“Thank you very much for sharing your passion, skills and experience. The training is excellent to improve me mentally, spiritually and technically. I highly recommend it to my friends.” – Ben Lam, Hong Kong


“This is an excellent 4-day training for me! With zero knowledge of options at the beginning of the training and now, I can understand how the options works and most importantly how to trade options profitably. My sincere applause to Mirriam & her team!” – Ruddy Kristianus, Indonesia


“In other seminars, everyone talks about Bull/ Bear Call/ Put spread. Big words that confuse you. I am very happy that these big words weren’t thrown around in this program. Thank you so much for keeping it simple and teaching it well. Bless You!!!” – Nargis Wahab, Malaysia