Roller Coaster Ride Anyone?

What a wild ride the market had this past week. The $INDU was already trading below its 200dma (daily moving average) however on Friday of last week the SPY (or the ETF for the S&P 500) also closed below  that same moving average so we now had a fairly good idea what was coming —…

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Mid Year Mayhem?

Hi all. Its now the middle of the year. We’ve seen new highs this year and a bit of a tight trading ranges for the overall broader market. There was a saying “Buy in October, Sell in May” May is over and if anyone has been holding anything for long term investing on the overall…

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jan effect

All time highs

  We have seen an all time high in the market in March and are now midway into April. Interesting stuff coming up ahead this week includes Taxation in the Middle of April, FOMC at the end of the month as well as May’s NFP incoming. We also can now see a tightening range of…

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January effect this year?

There’s a saying in the stock market “As January goes, so goes the year?” This barometer of the stock market generally says, that the rest of the year will follow the start/finish of the entire month of January. It has been right 62 out of the last 85 years. We can see now that January…

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Update As At 29 Sep 2014

The market had a bit of a pullback over the past week. I would not be surprised to see a bit of rally for the coming week as it is the last week of September and also the end of a quarter. Generally the end of a quarter represents what is called Window Dressing which…

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The Week Ahead…

As a reminder the US stock market will be closed on Monday of next week (1 September 2014) as it is a US banking holiday. Typically ahead of a US banking holiday the markets have a tendency of rallying however the FAS has a separation of more than 10% from their 200dma. On the daily…

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My Trading Methods

Today I like to talk about some of my trading methods. Retirement Portfolio Trading Method We are fast approaching the end of our time period for the completion of the retirement portfolio. Of course I have since been out of the trade and the feedback we received from some of the Smart Traders who participated…

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Flash Trading

  On my way back to the US from a diving trip in the Philippines with my husband, I passed a few book stores that were selling a book regarding aware high frequency trading.  I did not purchase the book as it was not something that interested me. However when I arrived home the author…

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Market Update – Mar 2014

The SPY had made a high price of 188.96 on 7 March 2014 which created close to a 10% separation from the 200dma. What follows was a market pullback to close a portion of that space. Remember that we are towards the end of the market’s 5 year up cycle and could begin to see…

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Why Avoid IPOs in the US?

This is an article I wrote to my members back in Nov 2013. Well it has happened again. A lot of hype, excitement and energy by the brokerage houses over the Twitter IPO (ticker symbol TWTR) much like we had with FB. Of course they are super excited. Who would not be if I was…

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