The Week Ahead…

As a reminder the US stock market will be closed on Monday of next week (1 September 2014) as it is a US banking holiday. Typically ahead of a US banking holiday the markets have a tendency of rallying however the FAS has a separation of more than 10% from their 200dma. On the daily…

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My Trading Methods

Today I like to talk about some of my trading methods. Retirement Portfolio Trading Method We are fast approaching the end of our time period for the completion of the retirement portfolio. Of course I have since been out of the trade and the feedback we received from some of the Smart Traders who participated…

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Flash Trading

  On my way back to the US from a diving trip in the Philippines with my husband, I passed a few book stores that were selling a book regarding aware high frequency trading.  I did not purchase the book as it was not something that interested me. However when I arrived home the author…

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Market Update – Mar 2014

The SPY had made a high price of 188.96 on 7 March 2014 which created close to a 10% separation from the 200dma. What follows was a market pullback to close a portion of that space. Remember that we are towards the end of the market’s 5 year up cycle and could begin to see…

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Why Avoid IPOs in the US?

This is an article I wrote to my members back in Nov 2013. Well it has happened again. A lot of hype, excitement and energy by the brokerage houses over the Twitter IPO (ticker symbol TWTR) much like we had with FB. Of course they are super excited. Who would not be if I was…

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Market Warning Signs

I read a book many years ago regarding warning signs that the market may show and while there were way too many to be even slightly reliable I do believe that this warning sign carries enormous weight – especially when I can see what transpired many years after the book was written. As we all…

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The Right Trading Style

Just as I began to put together this article I received an email from a company that indicated “The Great Crash of 2014.”  Of course it was the same company that began last year with “The Great Crash of 2013.” We all know how 2013 ended up – making all time high prices across both…

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Pre-Market Activities (Part 2)

If you have missed part 1, read here. What this means is that the market is getting ready to open for trading at a price that is lower than it opened.  This is known as a gap (a space between the previous day’s closing price and the next day’s opening price). On average 70% of…

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Pre-Market Activities (Part 1)

Today we will discuss about pre-market activities and how to know how the market will open, the potential direction for the day and how to manage a position. Pre-Market Open The stock market closes for trading at 4:00PM EST although trades can still be settled after it closes.  There are orders which are designed to…

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US Government Shutdown

Here we go again.The market has been experiencing a bit of a drop and while news to me always takes a backseat to my ability to make a trading decision without it this is one event that I will not be ignoring.The US government shutdown — what does this mean to us? Last week the…

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