Electing a US President

Presidents in the US are elected to a 4-year term.  They can choose to run for a second term however they cannot serve for more than 8 consecutive years.  There is a candidate for the Republicans and a candidate for the Democrats although other Independent parties can and do get their names on the ballot.…

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The Markets and the Month of May

The US stock market will be closed on Monday 30 May 2016 as it is Memorial Day. It is a day where we honor the men and women who have died while in military service to our country. So we will be having a 3-day holiday in the US and you know what that means.…

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Where to Invest Your Money in Times of Uncertainty?

By Mirriam MacWilliams, Professional Investor We live in times of unprecedented economic uncertainty. Make no mistake about it – fluctuations in the currency market, stock market and economy have never been so volatile. To be financially wealthy in times of uncertainty, you need to grow your savings and make your capital grow. Your capital should…

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How Do You Know When Success in Trading is Getting Closer?

When I began trading live I could not get it to work for me if I stood on my head.  I began to really wonder whether anyone could really succeed despite all of the reports I heard of people making money. What really inspired me was that I had read the testimony of a woman…

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Does Buy And Hold Investing Still Work?

First let’s identify what buy and hold investors are.  They are individuals who are content purchasing quality shares and holding them for many, many years.  They are looking to build a retirement account so they really have no price target or exit timeframe. While I believe that this has been a very viable way of…

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Why All the Interest in the S&P Futures Pre-Market Activity?

I remember when I began learning how to trade I was told I needed to keep an eye on the S&P futures – specifically the pre-market activity. There are many free tools on the Internet that give us an indication of what the S&P futures are trading at before the market opens for trading. As…

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Why Such Reactions to Economic News?

We just had a Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) event on Friday 2 October 2015. The markets are usually on pins and needs awaiting the result of this vital piece of information. Well the initial reaction was quite sharp to the downside. While the markets made an amazing bounce from that initial drop one way wonder: Why…

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Should We Be Concerned?

For the past week the market had not rallied immediately prior to Labor Day, the US banking holiday, so it did so immediately after the holiday when the market opened for trading on Tuesday. This is a typical market reaction prior to and after US banking holidays.  After the market rally it really went nowhere (south to flat). We are however…

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Labor Day Monday – Market Closed

For the past three weeks the SPY has been trading below the 200dma – the market has been in a correction territory or a technical bearish environment. The longer term buy and hold investor has now given back almost one year of profits which is why that style of trading does not appeal to me.…

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Roller Coaster Ride Anyone?

What a wild ride the market had this past week. The $INDU was already trading below its 200dma (daily moving average) however on Friday of last week the SPY (or the ETF for the S&P 500) also closed below  that same moving average so we now had a fairly good idea what was coming —…

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